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Braun Returns To High-Style Roots, With Stunning New Watches

Braun teams up with Zeon to redesign and relaunch the timepiece line made famous by Dieter Rams.

Braun doesn't just make beard trimmers and juicers; they were once also known for making ridiculously stylish watches by Dieter Rams and others. Now, after years of absence, Braun is relaunching a line of wristwear — designed by Zeon, who's no slouch in the style department themselves — with head-turning designs that still look timelessly classy. In other words, this is the watch you wear to when you go to pitch VCs on your hot new startup. (Or if you just want to look like you do.)


As Zeon says on their site, "With Braun timepieces there are no superfluous details: every features directly reflects a function." They ain't kidding: one artfully recessed button and a distinctive scroll wheel is all you get on this swoonworthy digital watch. Zeon tells Co.Design that they came up with this design (the button illuminates the watch face and the scroll wheel switches between different functions) in-house. It looks a bit like that Kickstarter Nano watch that was all the rage last year, but a thousand times more suave. (Plus, that scroll wheel probably beats the Nano's cramped touchscreen hands down.)


Zeon is staying tight lipped about this analog/digital beauty's specific features for now because it's still under development. Its looks start to skew more nerdy-chic in the silver version, but that's not a strike against it. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised to see Kanye rocking this Braun later in 2011 — Zeon says the watch should be released in the fall.