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Clever Packaging Turns Your Potato-Chip Bag Into a Bowl

Buh-bye, Cheetos fingers!

Clever Packaging Turns Your Potato-Chip Bag Into a Bowl

Chip bags are a pretty crappy design when you think about it. They’re always soiling your hands, they’re crinkly as hell (some more so than others), and despite notable improvements here and there, they’re terrible for the environment.

So we hope the junk-food industry takes a gander at three young Icelandic designers who’ve devised a clever concept to stuff natural potato chips in a box, and not just any old box — a box that converts instantly into a bowl.

The packaging for the (predictably unpronouncable) Örflögur (?Microchips?) brand by the (even more unpronouncable) trio Edda Gylfadóttir, Guðrún Hjörleifsdóttir, and Helga Björg Jónasardóttir looks like a Chinese takeout container and works like origami. Peel away the top and side flaps, and the whole box unfolds into a stylish little paper dish — perfect for Whole Foods-loving, kombucha-drinking Park Slope yuppies who want to stuff their faces, but with class!

Kidding, kidding. On a serious note, though, think about all the problems this little bit of design ingenuity solves: The shallowness of the bowl means that you won’t dirty your mits up to the sleeve scrounging around for the last few crumbs, and because the shell is paper, it can be recycled or, ostensibly, even reused. The paper’s also dead quiet, so you can pop open a box on the subway or at yoga or wherever and not vex the bejesus out of everyone around you.

The packaging and the chips themselves — the brainchild of the unpronounecables, in tandem with Innovit, an innovation center, and Matis, a food and biotech lab — were unveiled at the DesignMarch week in Reykjavík late last month. The designers tell Co. they’re now scouting around for partners to help mass produce their new snack. Hows about it, SunChips?

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