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A Wedding Invite That Doubles As A Working Record Player [Video]

Screw the open bar, and give us the free record player! (Actually, make that both.)

A Wedding Invite That Doubles As A Working Record Player [Video]

If you're getting hitched, we highly recommend making friends with designers, and here's why: They can make some sweet-ass wedding invites. Case in point: Graphic designer Kelli Anderson's invite for a couple of close pals, bound by their shared love of music, literally sings. Just watch:

From the outside, the invite looks like standard (yet stylish!) wedding fare, right? Open it up, though, and with a few flips of the hand, it transforms into a real, live paper record player, blasting a chirpy song the lovebirds wrote together (albeit with the weird, warbled whine of an 1860 phonautograph).

To get the thing to play, you make a tone arm by folding up a wispy piece of paper laced with a sewing needle. Then you set the needle on the record. The record is actually a flexi disc — 'member those flimsy inserts that used to come in your piano books or, for the less nerdish among you, your Beatles albums? — pressed with the couple's song. Finally, you spin the record clockwise at 45 RPM by hand. That forces the sewing needle all the way around the record, cranking out the sound, which is further amplified by the thin paper it's attached to.


Pretty awesome, right? And as far as wedding presents go, it sure beats the hell out of a salad spinner. Read more on Anderson's blog.

[Images courtesy of Kelli Anderson]