Infographic Of The Day: An Omnibus Of Comic Book Superpowers

Look out criminals, it’s Color Boy and Peepers, to the rescue! Seriously, stop laughing.

Infographic Of The Day: An Omnibus Of Comic Book Superpowers

We’ve seen plenty of infographic brilliance from the folks at PopChart Lab — including rocker hairdos, beer, rapper names, and kitchen tools. Well, they’ve done it again, with a chart that’ll make the 12-year-old nerd inside of you honk with pleasure.

The Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers is just that — a detailed taxonomy of the various superpowers that comic-book writers have dreamed up in 60 or so years:


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But the thing you’ll see once you delve into the graphic is a story about comic books themselves. For every superpower that fires the imagination — from Wolverine’s claws and super healing, to Magneto’s command over metal — there’s many more hilarious duds. Our favorite: “Peepers,” whose superpower is seeing through stuff (too bad he can’t make arrest warrants disappear, for all those creepy trespassing charges). There’s also: Chlorophyll Kid, who can make plants grow faster (perhaps he should be growing weed in Humboldt County instead of fighting crime); Color Boy, who can change the color of objects (he’s a fabulous interior decorator); and Bouncing Betty, who can turn her body into inflatable plastic (doesn’t that sound like the premise of a porno?).



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