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Infographic of the Day

Infographic Of The Day: An Omnibus Of Comic Book Superpowers

Look out criminals, it's Color Boy and Peepers, to the rescue! Seriously, stop laughing.

We've seen plenty of infographic brilliance from the folks at PopChart Lab — including rocker hairdos, beer, rapper names, and kitchen tools. Well, they've done it again, with a chart that'll make the 12-year-old nerd inside of you honk with pleasure.

The Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers is just that — a detailed taxonomy of the various superpowers that comic-book writers have dreamed up in 60 or so years:


[Click to enlarge]

But the thing you'll see once you delve into the graphic is a story about comic books themselves. For every superpower that fires the imagination — from Wolverine's claws and super healing, to Magneto's command over metal — there's many more hilarious duds. Our favorite: "Peepers," whose superpower is seeing through stuff (too bad he can't make arrest warrants disappear, for all those creepy trespassing charges). There's also: Chlorophyll Kid, who can make plants grow faster (perhaps he should be growing weed in Humboldt County instead of fighting crime); Color Boy, who can change the color of objects (he's a fabulous interior decorator); and Bouncing Betty, who can turn her body into inflatable plastic (doesn't that sound like the premise of a porno?).



[Click here to buy the chart, which is going for 20% off the $20 retail price, through Friday.]

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