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A Throne/High-Chair That Grows With Your Kid

Serious princesses only, please!

A Throne/High-Chair That Grows With Your Kid

Some girls want to be princesses forever. Now there's a chair for that.

The Stacking Throne, by Studio Laurens van Wieringen in Amsterdam, grows with your little one so she always has a place to park her royal hiney. The concept is simple: You've got five chairs variously sized, like a babushka doll, and piled up, one on top of the other. When your kid gets too big for a chair, you take it away, leaving her with a larger one. A year later, repeat. And on and on and on, until she's tired of life on the throne — of being fanned and fed grapes by her loyal servants (read: younger siblings) — which is, of course, never.

The really cool thing about the throne is that it can be used for a whole lot more than just sitting pretty. It can double as shelves or building blocks or, to judge by the picture below, Ginger to the child's Fred Astaire — whatever. The chairs are made of foam, so a kid can throw 'em around all she wants and won't wind up in the emergency room.

Unfortunately, the throne isn't slated to go into production. It was a private commission for a 1-year-old girl named Bodile, henceforth known as the envy of the entire toddler kingdom.

[Images courtesy of Studio Laurens van Wieringen]