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Wanted: Logitech’s Ingenious Case Turns iPad Into A Tough Laptop

The Keyboard Case for iPad 2 looks like something a Mission:Impossible operative would use to type her emails.

Wanted: Logitech’s Ingenious Case Turns iPad Into A Tough Laptop

When Apple unveiled its Smart Cover for iPad 2, the reaction was deservedly rapturous. But what big Steve doesn’t seem to notice (or care about) is that people still really, really want to use keyboards with his “magical, revolutionary” device. Apple’s own offerings on that front are pretty ho-hum, so Logitech and ZAGG have stepped up with a steely, stylish all-in-one case that contains its own keyboard and iPad stand. It also looks like it could stop a bullet if you needed it to.


Logitech partnered with ZAGG to update the latter company’s popular ZAGGmate keyboard case for the first-generation iPad. The new case, which retails for $99, has the same Toughbook-esque look and feel, but is still slim and minimal enough to ensure that no one mistakes you for a Galaxy-Tab-toting plebeian. The case is made from aircraft-grade, bead-blasted aluminum just like the iPad. And its rugged looks aren’t just for show: according to ZAGG, the product features “military grade high-density padding for superior drop protection.” Quit playing Angry Birds and get to da choppah!



Those of us who aren’t running CIA black ops with our iPads can still appreciate the Keyboard Case’s hinge that holds the tablet in any of ten viewing angles. And it only adds an eighth of an inch to the iPad’s slim profile, so you can get laptop-like productivity in the same lightweight package. In fact, from a distance, the thing looks pretty much indistinguishable from a Macbook Air — but it’s just so much cooler.

The ZAGGmate will go on sale later this month. Click here to sign-up to buy as soon as it’s available.

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