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Making A Loft That's Just 366 Square Feet Feel Big

ARQUITECTURA-G works magic with a tiny apartment in Barcelona.

Making A Loft That's Just 366 Square Feet Feel Big

Should the apartment gods conspire against you, forcing you into a hovel the size of a closet, you'd better pray to the cosmos that ARQUITECTURA-G comes dashing to the rescue, T-squares planted firmly in hand.

The Spanish architecture firm recently turned a measly 366 square feet into the broke city dweller's equivalent of a palace, complete with a bedroom, an office, a dining room and kitchen, a living room, and plenty of storage space. This is an apartment designed with the kind of ruthless efficiency you find in whatever's rolling down Apple's assembly line at the moment.

The trick was to slice the place into manageable parts to create some sense of privacy, without evoking the cramped recesses of a prison cell (like some other apartments we've seen). The diagrams below do a good job of showing how ARQUITECTURA-G fit the rooms together as if they were puzzle pieces:

In short, the architects cut the unit down the middle, leaving one side for food stuff and the other for everything else. Then, they split the "everything else" space into two floors. The top's got an office/ dressing area and a bed — albeit a really frickin? scary bed. (Do you have to be a high-jumper to get up there?!)

The bottom floor, meanwhile, functions as both a living room and a storage closet. The built-in storage here is especially clever (below). It packs a cabinet, shelves, and stairs into one tremendous piece of furniture. Note how the stairs double as drawers. So, say you're rushing down the stairs in the morning — late for work, again — and you realize you forgot your socks. You could just snap up a pair from under your feet and jam on out the door. It'd almost make up for the fact that going to sleep each night would be like walking a pirate's plank.

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