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Coming Soon, A Sculpture of 7,000 LED Lights Inspired By Bucky Fuller

The immense chandelier, designed by 3XN, will welcome guests to Copenhagen's Bella Sky Hotel starting May 16th.

Coming Soon, A Sculpture of 7,000 LED Lights Inspired By Bucky Fuller

3XN is a major player in Scandinavian architecture, so it's no surprise that they were approached to create a larger-than-life lighting installation for the Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen, which will be the region's biggest hotel when it opens on May 16th. The Bella Chandelier boasts 7,000 coolly glowing LED tubes linked in a minimalist pattern that took the best minds in design, science, and technology from 3XN's R&D arm GXN to create. Here's what it'll look like:

bella chandelier

Only in Scandinavia could such a ruthlessly spartan geometric pattern be called a "chandelier," but the 3XN's creation matches the chilly technocratic decor of the Bella Sky perfectly. And its look isn't just skin-deep: according to GXN, the firm's R&D arm that designed the chandelier, that simple pattern — which makes the glowing bars seem to hang in space of their own accord — required a "tensegrity structure where a perfect equilibrium of forces is reached through a precise balance of the elements." Tensegrity, as many of our readers know, is a design concept created by Buckminster Fuller to realize his iconic geodesic domes, by placing stiffness and flexibility in precise equilibrium with a multitude of joints. Tensegrity lets a design look lighter than air — as the Bella Chandelier does — while remaining strong as an ox, structurally.


Of course, in order to implement Bucky's vaunted design idea, GXN needed to engineer its lighting units to be as slim as possible while still giving off major illumination. Using LEDs was a no-brainer, but the firm also milled the aluminum cores holding them to be just 36 millimeters in diameter. Each of these six rods is three and a half meters long, and the lissome length is what gives the Bella Chandelier such a wow factor.


The Chandelier will be the first thing that guests see when they check into the Bella Sky Hotel on its grand opening on May 16th. Here's hoping nobody walks into a wall while staring at it.