Infographic Of The Day: Star Wars, Retold In Icons

A sprawling chart let’s you enjoy the greatness of the Star Wars movies, with fresh eyes.

Infographic Of The Day: Star Wars, Retold In Icons

Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back was great — easily the best of the all the Star Wars movies ever made. Problem is, it’s been shown so many times on TV that it can be hard to actually watch the movie — it’s too familiar, and you know it too well. It’s almost descended into a three-hour long cliche. (Heresy, I know!)

Well, here’s an infographic that might help you experience the movie anew, by seeing it retold in another format entirely. Created by Wayne Dorrington, who calls himself a “six foot-three slightly overweight ginger-bearded four-eyed socially awkward senior digital designer & illustrator,” the chart simply retells the entire movie in icons. Every scene is there — all 63 of them.


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Dorrington also created a chart for Star Wars: Episode IV, but it’s only 32 panels long — which tells you a lot about the far greater scale and ambition of Episode V.

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