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Wanted: A Super-Smart Running Accessory For iPod Shuffle

Michiel Cornelissen releases a new hands-free holder that keeps pace with Apple's latest tech.

Wanted: A Super-Smart Running Accessory For iPod Shuffle

Dutch designer Michiel Cornelissen is out with a fresh geegaw for carting around the fourth-gen iPod Shuffle. And look ma, no hands!

The so-called Pod à Porter is a 3-D printed polymide ring that Cornelissen bills as "the easiest way to wear your music." Throw the ring around your neck, and the iPod fits neatly into a dock on one end. The ring doubles as a place to hide the earbud cords so they never get tangled while you're puffing out a 6-minute (or — who are we kidding here? — 10-minute) mile on the treadmill.

The Pod à Porter updates a product of the same name Cornelissen released last year for the third-gen Shuffle. The new one is for sale on Cornelissen's website for $29.50. And if you've managed to resist the Apple spell and hold onto a Shuffle for more than five minutes, you can always buy the older Pod à Porter here.

[Images via Michiel Cornelissen; hat tip to Core77]