Kids Do It Better: Alessi Taps Student Talent, With Stunning Results [Slideshow]

Alessi, Italy’s venerated purveyor of high-end home wares, tapped the best and brightest from ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne recently to produce a set of stunningly simple concept office accessories.

The results are pretty astounding, especially when you consider that these kids — all sophomore industrial-design students — probably aren’t even old enough to have spent much time, if any, in an office. Their ideas range from a hanging magnetic paperclip holder to a waste basket that you build up with sheets of paper to what might be the world’s most minimal tape dispenser — all styled with the quiet but forceful efficiency that has defined Swiss design for decades.

The accessories debuted in an exhibit curated by ECAL prof and ID department head Elric Petit during Milan Design Week earlier this month. We’ve selected some of our favorite products above.

[Images via ECAL]SL