Facebook Hires Infographic Gurus Nicholas Felton And Ryan Case

The pair will join Facebook’s product-design team in California.

Facebook Hires Infographic Gurus Nicholas Felton And Ryan Case

Nicholas Felton and Ryan Case, the data viz geniuses best known for transforming the quotidian details of everyday life into beautiful charts, have turned their attention to another mundane staple of everyday life: They’ve joined the staff of Facebook.

[One of Felton’s and Case’s signature co-creation, Daytum, a web and iPhone app for tracking personal stats]

Felton and Case announced today that they moved to California to work on Facebook’s product-design team full-time. “We’re excited to start the next chapter, working with the rest of the design team at Facebook to help people express themselves and share experiences with friends,” they write on their blog for Daytum, the slick, popular app they developed for folks to track and visualize their daily doings.

The announcement comes fresh on the heels of news that Facebook hired designer-cum-prankster extraordinaire Ji Lee away from Google Labs to be its first-ever creative director and Mark Darcy, late of Time Warner Media Group, as director of global creative solutions. Facebook’s clearly trying to beef up on creative talent. Maybe that means they’ll finally get rid of Farmville?

[Top and below: Felton’s most recent annual report, detailing his father’s life by the numbers]


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