• 05.03.11

Love Gehry? Then Eat Him, At New York’s Architecture-Themed Ice Cream Truck

Coolhaus in da’ haus!

Love Gehry? Then Eat Him, At New York’s Architecture-Themed Ice Cream Truck

Here at Co.Design, we like Rem Koolhaas so much we could eat him. Now — thank the archigods! — we can.


The beloved Coolhaus ice cream truck flurried into New York last week. Already a smash among food cart-raiding design geeks in L.A. and Austin, Coolhaus flogs fancy ice cream sandwiches named punnily after hot-shot starchitects, like the Frank Behry and the Mies Vanilla Rohe. (Then, of course, there’s the name of the ice cream truck itself which is a whopping triple entendre, riffing off of Rem Koolhaas, the Bauhaus, and “cool house.” Cute.)


In a press write-up, Coolhaas owner and cofounder Natasha Case explains the push into New York: “The plan to expand to New York was instilled in [my] mind since the very beginning of Coolhaus. The demand for artisanal ice cream and adventurous flavors was certainly present there, and the appreciation for the design-inspired product would undoubtedly be well-received by the cultural epicenter that is New York.”

Which is both a blessing and a risk. New York’s got culture, sure. But it’s also got tons of competition. Not even adorably nerdish design references can dethrone the artisan ice-cream king that is Van Leeuwen. So Case has plans to give the New York trucks some New York flavor. Coolhaus will partner with several local food companies to produce ice cream, cookies, and toppings (which aren’t available at the original Coolhaus in L.A.).

Neat, right on. But what we really want to know is this: Are you guys taking suggestions? ‘Cause we’ve got some ideas: Denise Scott Brownie Chunk, Gordon Cinnamon Bunshaft, Mies’s Pieces. Okay, we’ll stick to blogging.

[Images courtesy of Coolhaus]

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