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iPhone/iPad App Turns Your Email Into An Interpretive Dance Performance

Dance Writer: for aspiring choreographers-cum-typography freaks everywhere!

We're well aware that 95% of you stopped reading after "interpretive dance." Your loss! Because this app, by Dutch type foundry Typotheque, is all kinds of awesome. It uses a real dancer, the lovely Valentina Scaglia of Netherlands Dance Theatre fame, to convert plain-jane text into a sequence of lissome poses that'd do Martha Graham proud, based on the shapes of the letters themselves. Lookie here:

In short, you can turn email into a quirky animated message, one your friends can open and read on any device (though we advise against this route if you're penning something serious; your "we need to talk" will just mutate into an incomprehensible tangle of limbs, albeit a gorgeous one).

Better yet, use Dance Writer to play choreographer for a day — to sketch out the particulars of the next Swan Lake using typography the way Balanchine used Suzanne Farrell. Then press Play and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Okay, so it's no mind-blowing, world-changing live performance. But with the iPad's excellent resolution, it comes awfully close, and for $2.99, you can't beat the price.

Buy Dance Writer at the Apple Store here.


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