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A Chair That Turns Hoarding Into High Design

The Comfy Cargo Chair: keeping slobs classy.

A Chair That Turns Hoarding Into High Design

It’s a dirty little secret of the upwardly mobile, a problem vexing households from Park Slope to Pac Heights: You’re a modern-design junkie and a pack rat — a Collyer brother in an Eames lounger. There’s hope! The tangle of metal you see here is the perfect chair for compulsive hoarding in high style.


German industrial designer Stephan Schulz calls it the Comfy Cargo Chair, which is a misnomer if ever we saw one. The thing looks about as comfortable as a bed of nails. But it is highly utilitarian. Shove your empty wine bottles in there, your plastic bags, your dirty socks, your nest of rabid squirrels — whatever your hoardy heart desires. The impressive thing: The chair stays totally functional. Though sit at your own risk. We don’t even want to know why there’s a roll of toilet paper in there.

The Comfy Cargo Chair is just a prototype, but Schulz wants to put it into production, so if you want to help out — or if you’ve got any filthy-rich hoarder friends — drop him a line at contact@studio-stephanschulz.com.

[Images courtesy of Stephan Schulz; hat tip to Core77]

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