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3-D Printed, Brilliant: A Pen Holder And Paper Tray In One

The design won Shapeways's ICFF '11 Design Contest.

Online rapid-prototyping giant Shapeways has announced the results of its ICFF '11 Design Contest, a competition for the best 3-D printed contemporary furniture or product design (which we co-judged). The winner is an elegant little pen holder that does double duty as a paper tray. Design-nerd brownie points: It looks like the desktop equivalent of Coop Himmelb(l)au's BMW Welt building.

The design (renderings shown here) is by Dominik Raskin, an architect and designer who teaches in Ho Chi Minh City and operates his own Shapeways shop, flogging a small clutch of handsome home accessories. His pen holder-paper tray will be selective-laser sintered in plastic and showcased at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, New York's biggest design love-in, May 14 to 17. It's also available here, starting at $350.

[Images courtesy of Shapeways]

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