Infographic Of The Day: The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, Plotted

Design student JT Fridsma’s infographic is a charming way to revisit the great adventures of the Fellowship of the Ring.

Infographic Of The Day: The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, Plotted

Okay, we admit it: Here at Co.Design, we’re Tolkien geeks. Like straight up read-the-Silmarillion-grew-up-playing-the-RPG Tolkien geeks. So it’s with a flutter of nerd love that we introduce today’s IGOTD, created by University of Florida student JT Fridsma: A minute-by-minute plotting of the various scenes and parallel plots in Peter Jackson’s film adaptation.



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The center of the infographic is an actual map of Middle Earth; circling it, there’s an arc showing the running count of screentime minutes. Each spot of the map is blown out, and the red lines indicate the progress of the various characters:


Now, you can quibble with the infographic itself: For example, the lines showing the progress of the characters doesn’t actually do a great job showing who is participating in each of the parallel plots. (For a more successful rendition of this idea, check out the winner of our Inception infographic contest.)


Nonetheless, what’s is great about the infographic is the simple fact that it allows you to relive the movies (and books) in a new way. Seeing all the settings laid out like this, and collated with a map, you get a fresh appreciation for the grandeur and scale of the entire trilogy. Which, after having watched it oh, about 68 times, is exactly what we need.

JT is hoping to produce a screen-printed version of the graphic soon. Contact him at to pre-order one.

[Images via JT Fridsma]

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