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Pinhead Swoons: A Cabinet Made Of 80,000 Bamboo Skewers

Coming to a kebab shop near you!

Pinhead Swoons: A Cabinet Made Of 80,000 Bamboo Skewers

Sebastian Errazuriz's Magistral Cabinet isn't just a cabinet, it's a freaking weapon. Covered in 80,000 bamboo skewers, it's ready to stab its army of quills into any nosy houseguest, any transgressor of the properly placed dinner plate. Okay, so the skewers aren't exactly sharp. Still. Would you try to steal china out of something that looks like Pinhead? Of course not.

Errazuriz tapped 12 woodworkers to construct the cabinet. They hammered each skewer into a hand-carved wood structure, a process that dragged on for six weeks. Now, the cabinet is on view at the Cristina Grajales Gallery in New York.

Errazuriz is a New York designer who clearly has a thing for shock and irony. Past projects include a lamp head stuck on a real, stuffed goose and a 19th-century secretaire that opens to reveal a slack-jawed human skull. Here, he's probably poking fun at conspicuous consumption, by giving us an absurd literalization of what cabinets are supposed to do: protect the physical evidence of conspicuous consumption. It's mocking, to be sure, but the cabinet's so pretty — a sort of domestic equivalent of Thomas Heatherwick's Shanghai pavilion — that it's hard to hold it against him. As for which cashed-up security freak would actually conspicuously consume this thing: Your guess is as good as ours. Maybe this guy?

[Images via Designboom]