An Entire Apartment Covered In Crochet, On Sale For $90,000 [Slideshow]

Just when we thought making crap out of yarn had run its course as the cute-hipstery-girl craft of the day, Olek came along, deadset on elevating crochet from idle hobby to freak obsession. The Polish-born, Brooklyn artist likes crochet so much, she plastered her studio apartment in the stuff, covering every last inch in bright, wacky yarn creations, from the shelves right down to the toilet seat.

How long did the installation take? Years.

Beats a Christmas sweater, we guess? The apartment was recreated recently at the Christopher Henry Gallery in New York for an exhibit called Knitting is for Pus****! (Ha.) Curious about the extent of the materials and labor involved, we asked Olek a few questions, through Christopher Henry’s gallery assistant: How long did the installation take? A: Years. What kind of yarn is it made of? A: mostly Red Heart Yarn. How many skeins of yarn did you use? A: “I am not a mathematician, I’m an artist.” Oh, right. Our mistake. Artists can’t even count, we suppose.

The exhibit stays up until May 28, then next year, it’ll jump over to the Smithsonian for the traveling 40 Under 40 show. And yeah, the installation is for sale, but it’ll set you back something awful — $90,000. Which seems absurdly pricey for what’s effectively a huge closet of loopy sweaters. But what do we know? We’re not mathematicians, we’re bloggers.

[Images courtesy of Christopher Henry Gallery; hat tip to New York]