Phillips de Pury Pushes $6,500 Nightstands, With One By… Michael Stipe?! [Slideshow]

Here’s one for those of you still nostalgic for R.E.M.’s glory days: Thanks to PIN-UP magazine, you can wake up with Michael Stipe every day.

PIN-UP, a fashiony architecture rag, commissioned Stipe to design a limited-edition nightstand for the bluechip art dealer and auction house Phillips de Pury & Company. The result is that hunk of black stuff you see above. (Is it tar? Petrified wood? The angsty soul of the R.E.M. fan?) So, uh, yeah. Stipe’s no Bill Bradley.

Stipe was one of a dozen folks tapped by PIN-UP’s founder Felix Burrichter to whip up sexy art-design nightstands — to recondition those domestic fixtures Phillips de Pury’s website calls “this most elemental and intimate of bedtime companions.” The good news: Some of the designs are pretty cool.

There’s Leon Ransmeier‘s cantilevered wood table, which cleverly doubles as a water cooler, and Aranda\Lasch‘s nifty asymmetrical table, which opens discreetly around the top like a hat box, for storing books and, perhaps, more intimate personal effects. We especially love the contribution from Rafael de Cárdenas and Evan Gruzis, a spacey, vaguely retro, inverted pyramid that could’ve been plucked from the command deck of the original Battlestar Galactica.

These “most elemental and intimate of bedtime companions” don’t come cheap, though. A mix of one-offs and limited-edition pieces, they run a cool $3,500 to $6,500 each. (Some, like Aranda\Lasch’s and a design by the artist Richard Phillips, aren’t even for sale.) So if you’re a Stipe freak of modest means, you’d be better off buying a good, old-fashioned poster. More info here.SL