• 05.24.11

ORLY?! Friskies Unveils iPad Apps Designed Just For Kitties

Apple fanboys, meet your match: an iPad designed according to how cats play.

ORLY?! Friskies Unveils iPad Apps Designed Just For Kitties

After months of hand-wringing, of brow-furrowing, of deep existential angst on the topic of “What oh what is the iPad for?!?” we finally have an answer, and the answer, dear reader, is this: kitties.


Yes, the iPad has a purpose in life, a direction, at long last, thanks to a trio of apps designed explicitly to entertain the feline set. Released by Friskies in one of those damn-them-for-being-so-clever marketing blitzes, the apps are cute, silly games that put Fluffy in the player’s chair and involve some variation on what Fluffy does best, shy of sleeping: batting crap around.

[No iPads were hurt in the making of this video. Friskies says your cat’s claws won’t scratch the original glass — but they might scratch the protective film so make sure to take it off beforehand.]

Friskies claims that the apps are “based on research of cats’ senses and how they react to different stimuli.” So they’re backed by real science, huh? That’s cool. Of course, they’re also shameless self-promotion. The games have names like Tasty Treasures Hunt, after a Friskies wet cat-food label, and Party Mix-Up, after some Friskies cat treats. In the latter, the goal is to attack — and perhaps try to eat? — the party treats onscreen.

In short, Friskies has tapped into two facts of the Internet: People like games. People like cats. Combine the two, and you own the Internet. Okay, maybe not the whole Internet — it’s no Cats In Tanks, after all. Nor is it even the world’s only cat app. But we bet Friskies is driving loads of traffic to its site and think: every time someone downloads Party Mix-Up, Friskies gets free product placement, having done nothing but appeal to our collective yen for watching animals do stuff.

It’s sick, we know. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have some pawprints to clean off our iPad.

[Top image: The incomparable Maru]

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