Attention Hotshot Interaction Designers!

Attention Hotshot Interaction Designers!

Interaction designers face some of the world’s hardest design problems: How do you fit the entire Internet on a handheld screen? How do you create a toy that teaches, but is still fun? How should a website behave, for it to go viral? And yet, interaction design hasn’t gotten much due in awards ceremonies, having usually been shoe-horned into other competitions.

No more. The Interaction Design Association has announced its first-ever Interaction Awards. (Co.Design is the event’s media sponsor.)

Entries are now being accepted through September 1. Fifty shortlisted entries will be announced after judging in October, and the 35 winners will be revealed with appropriate fanfare in February, at IxDA’s Interaction 12 conference in Dublin, Ireland.

There are six categories you can enter, and they’re each geared toward the discrete problems that interface designs are meant to solve:


Making daily activities more efficient.


Capturing attention, creating delight and delivering meaning.


Enabling people to go beyond their limits.


Encouraging self expression and/or creativity.


Facilitating communication between people and communities.


Re-imagining completely an existing product or service by creating new behaviors, usages or markets.

The jury includes designers who have thought about these problems throughout their careers, such as Robert Fabricant, the VP of creative at Frog; Massimo Banzi, the founder of Arduino; and Matt Jones, principal at BERG.

Entry fees are $50 for students and $200 for professionals — or, if you’re from a developing region outside Europe and the U.S., $20 for students and $120 for professionals.

Click here to start your application, and good luck. We’ll be bring you winners and news at Co.Design, as the competition progresses.

[Top image of Perceptive Pixel’s new 27″ workstation]