The Surreal Drawings Of Jonathan Zawada, A Maestro Of Graphite [Slideshow]

We’re not really sure where to begin with this art work, except to say that it makes Salvador Dali’s paintings look comparatively sane (not to mention boring).

The artist is Australian Jonathan Zawada, who took the world’s most traditional medium, a pencil, to sketch out still lives of moon-eating skulls and gas masks sprouting crystals and what appears to be a satyr’s head sniffing a nuke. He drew these things for an exhibit called Boolean Values in Sydney a few years back. In an email, Annie Zawada, his press assistant (and wife, we presume?), offers some insight into the madness:

The exhibition theme continued Jonathan’s interest in looking at how digital technologies effect and shape ?the human perception of the world, particularly focusing on the universality of experience on offer and over-saturation ?of information available. They look at what unique attributes digital communication as a figurative entity passively adds ?to information through transmission and how that in turn shapes the human ideal of itself in its environment.

We have no idea how you go from digital technologies shaping human perception to rockets with snakes on them. Nor do we have any idea what universe Zawada is living in. But we do know this: We want to go to there.

[Hat tip to But Does It Float]