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Infographic of the Day

Infographiti: Golan Levin Brings Data Viz To The Street

An ingenious template for tagging infographics on the fly.

Infographiti: Golan Levin Brings Data Viz To The Street

Infographics already gets tons of play on the web. But geek superstar Golan Levin wants to spread them even further. So he developed an adjustable stencil that lets you spray paint pie-chart data visualizations of your own making on walls, highway underpasses, the house of your high school math teacher — wherever! As someone noted perfectly on Twitter, it's "Bansky meets Tufte."


And anyone can use it. The design, which Levin whipped up for the techie art collective Free Art and Technology Lab (F.A.T.), is available gratis online. It comes with a set of re-arrangeable letters and a flexible piechart pointer so you can switch up your message to your heart's content. (One downside: You'll need a laser cutter — which is pricey and kinda' limits who can make this thing.)

Levin thinks infographiti (see what we did there?) is a potent political tool. Which makes sense when you think about it: Street art provokes by being everywhere it shouldn't be. Data viz provokes because it makes actual points. Combine the two, and you've got something pretty damned powerful on your hands. Not that we're advocating that you go out and deface public property; we're law-abiding citizens, officer! But hey, if you want to stencil horrifying global warming stats on the side of BP's headquarters, that's your business.


For lots more on the project, check out this blog post, in which Levin responds to questions that Co.Design and another news outlet sent him via email.

To download a printable stencil pattern, click here.