Geekiest Chic: A Cocktail Dress That Actually Dispenses Cocktails

There are cocktail dresses. And then there’s Anouk Wipprecht‘s cocktail-making dress. Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer, joined hacker Marius Kintel and sculptor Jane Tingley to create a revolutionary “biomechanic hybrid cocktail robot” getup that looks like a cross between some kind of E.T. couture and a sexy nurse costume and works like a bartender. When triggered, booze flows from a nozzle at the wearer’s chest. Somewhere in America, a Sigma Chi is licking his computer screen.

The catch: The DareDroid dress — which dispenses liquid by combining assorted medical valves, sensors, and open-source hardware — only pumps out hooch under certain conditions. According to the project’s website:

Your presence triggers the dress to produce milk, and your willingness to play a game of Truth and Dare combined with your natural charm, triggers the decision to give you more than just tepid milk.

In short, if you cough up enough intimate information, and you do it nicely, you’ll get a shot of vodka to go with your virgin White Russian. Smooth talk, free drink? On second thought, maybe that’s not so revolutionary after all.

[Images via V2; Hat tip to]