Tiny Details Add Up To Stunning Effect, In This Swiss Office [Slideshow]

There are two things Switzerland does better than anyone else: minimalism and milk chocolate. The slick, glassy office building you see here is proof positive of the former in the town that gave the world the latter.

The ECA/OAI Building rises five stories over central Vevey — a small city on Lake Geneva and, yes, the blessed birthplace of milk chocolate — with a boxy volume that’s so unassuming it’d be downright boring if not for a continuous stretch of floor-to-ceiling picture windows dotting the facade. The windows show off a sculptural spiral staircase indoors and, for the folks who work there, afford panoramic views of the city and the mountains. The coolest part: At night, with the curtains up, the place looks like a big, voyeuristic light box. It’s Play Time on the Swiss Riviera.

The building was designed by the young Swiss architects Personeni Raffaele Schärer Architectes. Read more about them here.

[Images by the phenomenal Tonatiuh Ambrosetti, courtesy of Personeni Raffaele Schärer Architectes; hat tip to Dezeen]SL