• 06.24.11

Yago Hortal Creates Paintings With Breathtaking Color Smears [Slideshow]

The work of the Spanish artist references its medium: paint.

As we try to do most Friday afternoons, we offer you a little eye candy — a brief reprieve from design-related matters as you head off into the weekend. This week, it’s in the form of Yago Hortal’s lusciously vibrant paintings of explosive color.


There are no heady theories to unpack here, as the Berlin-based Spanish artist himself admits, albeit in the most convoluted sort of way: “A painting that talks about painting, and in consequence, about its own language autonomy, is a whirlpool that extends to in?nity, a pictorial-rational loop.” See, it’s all about the act of working with paint, typified by such famous action painters as Jackson Pollack and Franz Kline. Think of Gerhard Richter’s experimentations in smearing — a stretch, we know — but with an ’80s DayGlo palette. Or don’t think of anything at all: Turn off the old bean and revel in the swirls and splashes of Hortal’s abstractions.

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