• 06.24.11

Wanted: Poppin Elevates Office Supplies To Pop Art [Slideshow]

We haven’t seen products styled with this much flair since the Ikea cookbook.

What do you get a new graduate with no job and no clue? Besides, of course, a job, or a clue? Start with these desk set bundles by New York-based office products company Poppin, which some magazines have likened to Office Depot with Steve Jobsian flair. We’re not fans of Apple comparisons, but the philosophy is indeed the same: make work tools beautiful, and people will stare at them until productivity strikes. So it stands to reason that pens, pencils, tape, rulers, and notebooks imbued with a little levity and a lot of color can help your 1990s-vintage loved one get some work done — even if that work is finding work.


We recommend springing for one of the bundles — $25 or $50, depending on the set — and letting Poppin mix and match colors for you. The $25 bundle comes in Magenta and White, while the pricier sets combine Orange with Pool Blue, and Black with White. If you’re sniffing around for a pre-college grad, the signature pen set (which comes with 132 colored pens for a total of $50) will get them writing without all the wild distractions of tape and rulers. You can buy all Poppin products direct from

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