Why Not: A Vending Machine That Does Marriages For $1

The average American wedding costs $24,000. The larky contraption you see here lets you say “I do” for $1.

AutoWed is precisely what it appears to be: a vending machine that performs instant marriages, infusing the Big Day with all the romance of a fire hydrant. Insert money, and it’ll mumble through your basic wedding rites (press one for “I do” or press two to “escape?). Then the 8-foot-tall gadget, which designers UK-based Concept Shed describe as ?part parking meter, part Cadillac and part cathedral with a little steam punk thrown in,” spits out a pair of plastic eggs with rings inside and a personalized wedding receipt. It finishes up by offering a 10% discount on AutoDivorce.

[AutoWed understands the nuances of modern love. Note: ?Press one for straight, two for gay, three for lesbian or four for B.F.F.?]

Cyn-i-cal! Even by the measure of our cold, black hearts. Obviously, this thing is a big, silly joke. (Concept Shed sold the machine in these photos to Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Detroit.) But if it were for real, it could actually save a lot of couples from the astronomical pain, not to mention the cost, of a fussy, traditional wedding. $23,999 could buy you one hell of a honeymoon.

[Images courtesy of Concept Shed]