Green Chic: Furniture Company Remixes Remnants In Newest Line

As most dumpster divers will tell you, the adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” rarely applies to old, ugly office furniture. But Sovrappensiero Design Studio has found a way to salvage even the most hopeless examples, by remixing their parts in funky yet functional ways.

The Italian firm partnered with Manerba, an office furniture company looking to reuse its inventory of outmoded products. The resulting eight-piece Office + Retrofit collection includes a planter assembled from old an old set of drawers, strips of wood, and industrial casters; a waiting bench of mismatched seats supported by a simple wood base; and a bookcase jury-rigged from a gym ladder, shelving, and pieces of cord. In Sovrappensiero’s words:

The project idea is the balance between two different objectives: the first is to create a strong contrast with the traditional image of impersonal, institutional and rigorous office, and the other is to make the production easy and cheap.

The products will be available for purchase soon, and we figure that with a couple of these pieces, we just might be able to pass ourselves off as the DIY overachievers we always wished we were. BL