A Mesmerizing Installation, Made Of Silvery Plastic Cushions That Breathe

What happens when you throw together two art-minded brothers — one, a graphic designer, the other an artist who loves making plastic bags look like pulsing jellyfish — and let them create whatever the hell they want? Awesomeness, that’s what. See for yourself:

The installation by familial tag team Nils (the artist) and Sven (the graphic designer) Völker featured 304 framed “graphic pages” that rose up the walls of a vaulting art space around 252 silver plastic cushions. Nils programmed the cushions to breathe in and out like giant lungs while a light show (controlled by the same computer system) flashed overhead. Watch the video for long enough, and the installation starts to conjure up all sorts of craziness. At first we saw an intergalactic swimming pool, then a nest of hatching E.T.s, then exploding nuclear marshmallows (don’t even ask). Who needs peyote when you’ve got art!?

The installation was on view at MADE, in Berlin, last month. The brothers called it “Captured ? a Homage to Light and Air.” If you want to try to figure out what on earth that means, plant your eyeballs here: