• 07.01.11

Virgin Galactic Puts Its Spacey Typeface Up For Sale

T-Minus 3… 2… 1…

Virgin Galactic Puts Its Spacey Typeface Up For Sale

Dalton Maag, a London font and logo design studio, has developed a new typeface sure to knock the space nerds right off their telescopes. It’s got flat, square characters and a kind of retro-futuristic style designed to, as Dalton Maag says, conjure up the “stars” and “the staples of the Science Fiction genre.” Or real life: This stuff looks like it belongs in the livery of the Virgin Galactic.



Well, whaddya know? It was designed for precisely that. Elevon is based on the brand identity that Dalton Maag designed with GBH, a creative agency in the U.K., and Frenchie design star Philippe Starck, for Branson’s commercial space venture back in 2006.

Here, Dalton Maag expanded the character set to create a full “Corporate Edition” complete with Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic glyph sets. According to Bruno Maag: “The Cyrillic and Greek scripts in particular have an alien beauty in their unfamiliar letterforms. Five weights of stroke thickness create subtle variations in light and dark that reflect the emerging and fading of the stars.”

Cool, okay. We just can’t think of many companies that’ll find much use for this typeface. It has a lot of look. And the whole “resto designed to look like a spaceship” craze pretty much disappeared in the ’90s (except in Karim Rashid’s universe).

Then again, for those of us who don’t have more money than god, this is probably the closest we’ll ever come to sub-orbital space flight.


[Images courtesy of Bruno Maag and GBH; hat tip to Creative Review]

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