Eye Candy: Edvard Scott, An Illustrator Inspired By WNYC’s Radiolab

Edvard Scott’s strange illustrations are inspired by his own curiosity — no wonder he cites Radiolab as an influence.

Ask a talented illustrator and graphic designer like Edvard Scott who his influences are, and you might expect to hear certain names dropped: Saul Bass, Paul Rand. But Scott doesn’t do what you expect. On the top of his current list of influences? Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, hosts and creators of Radiolab, a public radio show about science and storytelling. Wait, a visual communicator inspired by… radio?


“I don’t know how Jad and Robert’s stories are visible in my illustrations or graphic design — but I do know they’re constantly stuck in my thoughts and therefore also in my work,” Scott tells Co.Design. “Illustration and graphic design really does make me exhilarated and curious, and that’s enough.”

His exuberant collages feel both unpredictable and controlled.

Scott’s comment isn’t totally out of left field — his illustrations are a bit like Radiolab in that they’re exuberant collages that feel unpredictable and masterfully controlled at the same time. He also does client work, designing logos and web projects for The Government Offices of Sweden, a family-owned olive oil exporter, and other clients large and small. Just as the sprightly banter between Abumrad and Krulwich is integral to Radiolab’s cult-hit success, Scott says that “for a project to grab my attention it is most important that the project has another person — be it client or friend — that is equally fascinated and engaged about the subject the project concerns.”

Befitting his steady balance between fine-art personal projects and client commissions, Scott is currently working on a small book project with some friends and a large ad campaign for a furniture company. “Two very different projects, and although both are interesting and challenging, I do love the control I get in smaller projects ?- I cannot stop caring about typography, colors, paper,” Scott says. “Obviously, I can’t supervise all the important details in a nationwide campaign, and therefore I dare say my future holds more artisanal design projects than Superbowl spots.” And we can’t wait to see them.

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