• 07.01.11

A Museum Exhibit On Books, Made Of 40,000 Books

A new use for books in the post-print era: wall decor.

How do you mount a museum exhibit about books, when supposedly no one reads them anymore? One answer: Turn them into decoration.


The new permanent exhibit at the Children’s Book Museum in The Hague has walls made out of a whopping 40,000 books. Stacked horizontally, their spines hidden more often than not, they tower over the space like dusty fortresses of print history. Around them, a castle of digital media rises up — with loads of interactive gaming and slick computer units that let kids build their own storybook characters — which, we guess, is how you get the young?uns excited about reading nowadays.

Papiria: Land of Children’s Books was conceptualized by the Dutch design studio Grob Enzo in partnership with the museum and designed by Amsterdam-based Platvorm. For lots more on the design concept, check out Frame magazine’s story here.

[Images courtesy of Grob Enzo]

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