A Euro Makeover For A Redoubt Of Connecticut WASP Culture

Few parts of America are waspier than Fairfield County, Connecticut. Buy a house there, and it practically comes with acceptance letters to Exeter and Princeton. Which makes what Amsterdam design studio UXUS have done in Wilton nothing short of revolutionary. They’ve taken a 1930s hunting lodge — a WASP-approved monument to Colonial Revivalism, with Georgian touches -? and given it a tres-chic European makeover. The place has sofas by Dutch design goddess Hella Jongerius, a claw-like Dear Ingo lamp from Moooi, and even an Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair in neon orange. No need to state the obvious here, but the neighbors must be quivering in their Top-Siders.

Which isn’t to suggest that the space totally flouts its roots. The designers renovated the interior back in March for a family late of a 13-year sabbatical in Europe and did an good job of mixing the best of European and American modernism with what they politely call “classic American style” (read: boring Shaker chairs and all things beige).

The designers kept the palette pretty neutral, with lots of white-painted floors and walls, and gray and tan upholstery. Then they spruced things up by introducing bursts of fluorescent color and showstopper furniture including invisible bookshelves, an Eames lounge chair, and, of course, the Jacobsen chair, which presides over the living room and nearly — but not quite — steals the show from a glittering baby grand.

You wouldn’t think this sort of combination works, but it does. What’ll it be next, Wilton: Euro black on the Vineyard?

[Hat tip to Yatzer; images courtesy of UXUS Design]SL