A Hair Salon For Dudes With Complicated Hair, Minimalist Taste

Xantippe Hairdressers in Bruges, Belgium, is the perfect hair salon for stylish dudes who hate going to the hair salon. With its dark oak parquet floors, white walls, and man-friendly decor — note the geometric sandstone wall in every shade of brown and the Moooi chandelier, which looks like a giant insect — it’s the antithesis of all that fussy crap ladies have to put up with.

We were a bit surprised, then, to learn that the salon actually caters to women and girls. “I wanted to create a salon that doesn’t look like a hair salon,” designer Lieven Musschoot told Frame magazine. “I wanted the space to be zen, with lots of light, and to have a loft feeling.”

Mission accomplished. Will it attract its target clientele, though? We reckon so. Stylish women are just as likely as stylish men to balk at a beauty salon that feels like a lace doily. (We visited one in the West Village recently that was painted entirely pink. Pink! WTF?!)

Obviously, there are plenty of gender-neutral hair salons in the world, but rarely are they done so well. What’s more, Musschoot’s design is smart business: If Xantippe ever wanted to extend its services to men, it wouldn’t have to change a thing.

[Images by Thomas De Bruyne; hat tip to Frame] SL