Murray Moss And Ralph Pucci On The Business Of Taste-Making [Video]

Co.Design brings two taste-making legends together, to talk about the designers they champion, and how they have responded to the changing business landscape.

Murray Moss And Ralph Pucci On The Business Of Taste-Making [Video]

Murray Moss and Ralph Pucci are among the design world’s leading arbiters of taste. Visit Moss’s immaculate museum-like gallery space in SoHo and you’ll find an amazing assortment of objects that reflect his eclectic interests, ranging from Maarten Baas? contemporary burnt furniture to 18th Century Commedia dell? Arte figurines produced by Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg. Enter Pucci’s sprawling showroom on 18th Street and you encounter work that gives equal form to his interests; finely crafted art and design pieces by the likes of Andree Putman, Vladimar Kagan, Jens Risom, Patrick Naggar, David Weeks and Jim Zivic.


For this installment of Design Mashups, we spoke with these two uber-important design leaders. It’s hard to believe, but this was the first time that Moss and Pucci had ever actually met. Here are a few of the highlights:

Comparing and Contrasting Design Spaces

In this first clip, Moss and Pucci talk about why their showrooms look the way they do; Pucci explains that he is drawn to large, unfinished spaces that contrast with and spotlight the product that he shows, and Moss makes the point that he keeps objects behind glass as a way of strategically slowing down the viewing experience and engaging with his audience.


[A chair and ottoman by one of Pucci’s favorite designers, Vladimir Kagan]
Two Different Visions, Driving the Market

In this interesting exchange, Pucci points out that although he and Moss seem to be coming from two completely different directions, they are actually very closely aligned. Each has a very clear thought process behind what they do. Moss also notes that their market influence comes from the ability to clearly convey a point of viewt.


Championing Designers

Here Pucci talks about how he first came across the work of designer David Weeks, and the way their collaboration has developed over time. He also mentions some of the other designers he has championed like Jim Zivic and Ruben Toledo, noting that all of these relationships organically developed through threads of connection winding between fashion, illustration, design and photography.


[A chandelier by another of Pucci’s favored designers, David Weeks]
Responding to the Changing Business Landscape

In this final clip Moss and Pucci talk a bit about how the economy has affected the design industry and what they are doing to weather the storm and thrive. Moss points out that this is a perfect time to “go bigger” since there is more space now, and Pucci shares a great anecdote which really captures the hands-on approach that both men take to running their businesses.


[Top: The Robber Baron table by Studio Job, represented by Moss]

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