Simple Genius: A Lid That Pours Coffee And Tea, Drip-Free

Millions of English ladies are wrong: Teapots are gross. Tea inevitably drips on the counter when you pour, then whatever’s left over gathers around the edges of the spout creating a yucky limescale. And it’s not like the stuff is easy to clean off; trying to jam a sponge in a spout is like putting a square peg in a round hole.

Studio Koya‘s solution: Get rid of the spout altogether and replace it with a special pouring lid. The lid curves up like a ski jump (and looks a bit like an adult sippy cup), directing liquid back into the vessel after you pour, which prevents annoying dripping. Since the lid is long and flat, it protects the contents from dust. It’s easy to clean, to boot. The thing works a bit like a roof, so the designers call it Roofers (a poor word choice, if you ask us; we read it, at first, as Roofies).

Roofers comes with three glass vessels: a teapot, a jug, and a thermos. It can hold any kind of liquid, not just tea, so long as the liquid isn’t full of chunks that’d stop the flow.

The product isn’t available yet — Studio Koya’s Shota Aoyagi tells Co.Design they’re working on putting it into production — which is just as well; it gives the designers plenty of time to do something about that unfortunate name.

[Images courtesy of Studio Koya]SL