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Wanted: A Sexier Wristband For iPod Nano, By Incase

Scott Wilson’s TikTok finally gets some competition.

Wanted: A Sexier Wristband For iPod Nano, By Incase

Gadget accessories maker Incase has been on a roll this year, from capsule collections with A.P.C. and Andy Warhol to its upcoming expansion into headphones later this year. But now the Apple loyalists have a new accessories obsession to hold them over until then: the Flex Wristband, the best attachment for the iPod Nano that we've seen since Scott Wilson's feel-good story on Kickstarter last year.


Thankfully, the folks at Incase have kept the two best parts of Wilson's model: The Flex Wristband employs an open-sided design that leaves the headphone port and connector exposed, so you can recharge or sync the Nano up without removing it from the wristband; and it also uses an easy snap-in locking hold that prevents scratches.

But that's where the similarities end. Incase's model classes up the joint a bit with a flexible, expandable, one-size-fits-all steel band that offers up a more professional, dignified approach while keeping the playfulness intact: it's business and party in the front. And the matte finish in both silver and black is understated enough to go with just about anything.


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