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Tattly: Temporary Tattoos With Hard-Core Design Cred

A riff on tattoo and culture solves the need for design-appropriate skinwear.

Tattly: Temporary Tattoos With Hard-Core Design Cred

If you've ever wondered what a tattoo parlor run by designers would look like, look no further than Tattly, the new temporary tattoo web service launched yesterday by Tina Roth Eisenberg, proprietor of the Swiss Miss blog and the TeuxDeux to-do list. We can honestly say that there's nothing else quite like it on the web.


Eisenberg, who does not have any tattoos, got the idea for the service two months ago after finding nothing but crappy clip-art temporary tattoos for her daughter and decided to take matters into her own hands. So she contacted some of her favorite designers and asked them if they had any ideas. The result? A site that's chockablock with inside jokes and visual puns: Josh Smith designed an empty Pantone chip called "Tattone"; Julia Rothman drew a watch on which the time is always displayed as simply "Late?; Chris Glass's contribution is the familiar sailor's anchor with "Mother? set in designer-approved Helvetica.

Billed as "a line of temporary tattoos by designers for designers and design-minded kids," the site was built by design studio (and Swiss Miss studiomates) Oak using Shopify, along with some useful add-on apps like PixelPrinter, which is usually used to print shipping labels and receipts, and Chimpify, which syncs customer information with MailChimp. A set of two tatts are only five bucks, and you can order the whole launch pack of 15 tattoos for $35 for a limited time.



Order them here.