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Simple Genius: The Lowly Egg Carton Gets A Rethink

A student hatches a plan for redesigning the standard egg box.

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In thinking about objects in need of a redesign, the lowly egg carton falls pretty low on the list. That is, until we saw this clever concept from Éva Valicsek, a design student at the Institute of Applied Arts, in Hungary. Instead of the usual flapped carton of paper, plastic, or Styrofoam, Valicsek has devised a tray made from a single piece of cardboard, bent accordian-style and with oval cutouts for cradling the eggs. The top is open for easy access, but the contents are held in place by a rubber band at each end.

The cartons might provide great improvements: They're recyclable, stackable, and constructed of the minimal amount of material. Our concern: The openness may not offer fragile shells enough protection, especially in transit (although the addition of a top might solve some of those problems). Still, we love seeing designers take a crack (pun intended) at reinventing commonplace items that often go unconsidered, even if it does entail breaking some eggs. (You saw it coming.)