Not A Joke: An iPhone Case That Looks Like A Slithering Sea Monster

We’ve come across plenty of inventive Apple accessories in our day (remember cross-stitched Pedobear?) but Sivan Royz‘s laser-cut iPhone case is the first we’ve seen that approaches haute couture. It’s so theatrical and creepy, it wouldn’t look out of place at an Alexander McQueen show.

The case is actually a purse that holds precisely two objects: an iPhone and a tube of Chanel lipstick (?all you will need on the red carpet,? Royz jokes). Made of about 700 slices of laser-cut silk variously dyed and held together by string, the purse resembles some kind of strange, underwater sea creature — complete with tentacles! — that could swim or slither away in a twinkling. Touch it, and it trembles as would a living organism.

The iPhone purse is one of several objects, including a bracelet and a neck piece, that Royz designed as part of her degree program in textiles design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. More on Royz here.

[Images courtesy of Sivan Royz; hat tip to Yatzer] SL