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Simple Genius: A Desk That Grows With Your Kid

Kids grow. Their belongings do not. Enter the AZ desk.

Kids grow. Their belongings do not. Which sucks for parents who could be spending dough on a hot new car college fund but instead have to buy new shoes, bedroom furniture, and the like every time their offspring sprouts a few inches.

Enter the AZ desk. Designed by Lyon-based Guillaume Bouvet, it includes a chair and writing surface that get taller as your child morphs from a shrimpy toddler to a full-blown adult. Even the writing surface "grows up," converting from a kiddie-friendly chalkboard into an ergonomic table that could pass for something at mom or dad's office.

Clever, right? Parents only need to buy one desk in 18 years, which means more money for, uh... college! Unfortunately, AZ is just a prototype. But Bouvet tells Co.Design that he plans to put the desk into production next year. We'll keep you updated.


[Images courtesy of Guillaume Bouvet]