Take That, Ikea: Joe Doucet Creates A $20K Flat-Pack Table

Think about flat-pack furniture, and what springs to mind but some cheap, plywood chair that looks like a high-school kid’s final project in shop class? Sure, there’ve been plenty of variations on the theme, a few of them nice enough. But mostly, the designs are flimsy and, worse, disposable, which defeats the whole point of flat-pack furniture in the first place: to slash carbon emissions.

Joe Doucet’s WL01 “ScrewTop,” then, is something approaching radical: It’s a customizable, flat-pack table that no one would dream of throwing away. That’s because it’s made out of spectacularly sturdy materials, like beechwood, brass, and bronze. It’s drop-dead gorgeous, what with its delicate tapered legs and glittering hardware. And, oh yes, it costs $20,000. $20,000.

Insane? God, yes. But you’ve got to assume that whichever Rich Uncle Pennybags buys this thing will hold onto it like it’s a prenup, forever and ever, which means it won’t end up in a landfill. Bonus: He saves a little dough on shipping! WL01 is made to order in beechwood with a matte lacquer finish, and brass, bronze or steel hardware. More info here.

[Images courtesy of Joe Doucet]SL