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Wanted: The Ultimate Travel Shampoo Bottle

Yeah, we're excited about a shampoo bottle. Don't hate.

Wanted: The Ultimate Travel Shampoo Bottle

Ask any seasoned traveler, and he'll tell you: Travel shampoo bottles are a huge pain in the ass. They're a nightmare to fill, they never squeeze stuff out properly, and hotel rooms rarely have enough shelf space to store them.


Humangear's solution: a slick squeeze tube called GoToob. GoToob has an ultra-wide mouth that fills up without spilling shampoo everywhere and built-in suction cups that cling to the side of the shower for easy dispensation. The eminently squeezable, soft silicone body spits out liquids hassle-free. A "no-drip" valve around the cap keeps the shampoo from dribbling and oozing onto the sides. And an adjustable window lets you identify the contents in a snap. Never again mistake the body soap for conditioner (eek!).


[The cap can also be twisted to reveal different labels for what's inside the bottle]

We don't know what's more impressive: The fact that GoToob manages to solve all these problems or that it's a travel shampoo bottle and we just wrote an entire post about it. Sigh. GoToob comes in packs of three and costs $16.95 to $24.95 depending on size. Available at REI.

[Images courtesy of Humangear; hat tip to Cool Hunting]