Wanted: A Simple Accessory That Swallows Up Excess Cords

The Danish designer Søren Refsgaard designs a simple solution to a common problem: the mess of cordage surrounding your workstation.

Wanted: A Simple Accessory That Swallows Up Excess Cords

The proliferation of gadgets, invented ostensibly to make our lives easier, create a nagging question: What to do with all that ugly, snaking cordage? Naturally, a slew of products have sprung up to address the issue, mostly variations on spools and zip ties. But this doodad, from the Danish designer Søren Refsgaard for Bald & Bang, stands out as an elegant solution: a rubber ball with two holes for swallowing up to five feet of wire — hence, its pun-y name, Great Ball of Wire.

“I chose the round shape because it fits almost all interior surroundings — both lying on the floor and hanging from a table lamp on a shelf,” Refsgaard tells Co.Design. He made the first prototype from a sliced-open tennis ball, which worked pretty well but couldn’t hold enough cable. The final version is slightly larger (with a 2.7-inch, versus 2.5-inch, diameter) and comes in nine color options.

ball of wire

Great Balls of Wire are available for $18 apiece at the Finnish Design Shop.

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