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Genius Marketing: A Stop-Motion Film Made With 350,000 Post-Its

Melissa, a Brazilian footwear brand, creates a giant time-lapse video using Post-it notes as pixels.

Genius Marketing: A Stop-Motion Film Made With 350,000 Post-Its

Brazilian footwear company Melissa has turned the side of a building in São Paulo into a mega-huge movie screen for an animation that uses Post-its like analog pixels.

Twenty-five animators worked for a steady five months, stamping sherbet-colored notes on the U-shaped foyer of the Galeria Melissa to generate an ever-rotating cast of images — from shadow boxes to a charming, psychedelic elephant — captured on time-lapse video above. By project's end, the animators had blown through a whopping 350,000 Post-Its.

The Post-it note — that humble residue of 3M's enviable 15% policy — is nothing new in art and design. It has been used to make everything from wallpaper to mosaics of Elvis's mug. MoMA curator Paola Antonelli inducted Post-its into the design hall of fame several years ago, christening them, "Hypertext on a refrigerator door."


What Melissa has done here is a stunt, to be sure. But a clever one. On top of the animation, the company got passers-by to jot down messages on 30,000 Post-its. That means some 30,000 people engaged with the brand. Not bad, as guerrilla marketing goes, for a little hypertext on the refrigerator door.

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