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Rodrigo Almeida Adorns Jewelry With Ancient Symbolism

The Brazilian designer mixes linguistic symbols to marry Eastern and Western writing traditions.

Rodrigo Almeida Adorns Jewelry With Ancient Symbolism

Last week, we brought you the work of Rodrigo Almeida, furniture pieces that evoke Brazil's multicultural heritage. This week, we bring you his first foray into jewelry making, with one-of-a-kind necklaces and bracelets that display the designer’s signature magpie aesthetic.


The collection, called Caligrafia, mixes symbols from Eastern and Western writing traditions, with calligraphy brushes juxtaposing Latin letters and interspersed with traditional beads. The collage of objects is strung together with red and yellow cords, a material Almeida also uses in his chair designs.

Contact the São Paulo shop Aria Joalheiros for availability and prices. And if you like these baubles, check out the work of Denise Julia Reytan, who also integrates everyday curios into fab statement pieces.