• 08.05.11

Koo, A Bassinet That Doubles As A Rocking Chair

Sandrine Lebas, Creative Director at LUNAR, created a 2-in-1 piece of baby furniture that you won’t want to throw out as soon as Junior stops nursing.

Do you know how much fricking space baby gear takes up? I can speak from experience: Fitting all of it into a small New York apartment is a design problem and then some. Sandrine Lebas, Creative Director at LUNAR, must have experienced something like this, because she’s created a godsend product called Koo — a baby bassinet that transforms into a rocking chair.


The Koo may look flimsy, but Lebas went through several rounds of prototypes to perfect its origami-inspired design. When Junior starts screaming in the middle of the night for a feeding, just lift him out of the Koo and pop two snaps on the front panel, which folds down into a wide rocking chair that looks roomy enough for a nursing pillow. Lebas says that reducing a new family’s carbon footprint was part of her goal with the Koo (fewer products=less waste). It’s a nice thought, but the simple fact that a 2-in-1 product like this could be cheaper and less bulky than the alternative probably suffices for most rookie parents. If only it had a built-in refrigerator for storing bottles too — we could be looking at Dyson-vacuum-level blockbuster potential here. Maybe something to think about for the next version, Sandrine?

[Hat tip to Core77]

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