• 08.08.11

Surfboards That Are Gnarly Even Out Of The Water

Rick Malwitz designs limited-edition asymmetrical boards for Saturdays, a New York City surf shop.

We might barely grasp the difference between a “duck-dive” and a “drop-in,” but we know a hot surfboard when we see one. Behold the new Asymmetrical collection from Rick Malwitz — limited-edition boards that are pretty enough for display.


Malwitz collaborated with Chandelier Creative, which had been approached by the New York City surf shop Saturdays to create a unique series of boards. “They wanted a Saturdays-branded series with a very unique, wall-hangable beauty to them but also wanted them to be functional.” The partners settled on asymmetrical fishes, stubby boards that can be ridden backside as well as frontside. (Riding backside is looser, since the shorter side of the board creates a smaller turning radius.)

The boards are constructed from conventional materials, foam and fiberglass, but accented with high-gloss finishes and a clear fiberglass fin. All the colors are hand-mixed and -painted using Pantone colors. Malwitz made two boards for regular footers and two for goofy footers (those who lead with their right). Contact Saturdays for more info.

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